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Languages can be changed upon registration or in:

User Control Panel (Top right of the page) > Board preferences > My language.

Guests can change the language on the index page which is located just below the header.

The following languages are available on the forum:

Arabic العربية
Argentinian Spanish Español Argentino
Czech Čeština
Dutch (Casual Honorifics)‎ Nederlands (Informeel)
English English en
French Français
German (Formal Honorifics) Deutsch (Sie)
Greek Ελληνικά (Greek)
Hebrew עברית he
Hungarian Magyar
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia
Italian Italiano
Kurdish كوردی
Mandarin Chinese (Simplified script) 简体中文
Mandarin Chinese (Traditional script)‎ 正體中文
Mexican Spanish (Casual Honorifics) Español Mexicano (Tú)
Polish Polski
Portuguese Português
Russian Русский
Serbian Српски
Spanish (Formal Honorifics) Español
Thai ไทย ภาษาไทย
Turkish Türkçe
Ukrainian Українська
Urdu اردو
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt
Norwegian (bokmål) Norsk (bokmål)
Persian فارسی

If you have a request for a specific language to be added on the forum please make a post under feedback and suggestions here:

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